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This is the list of most frequent questions that I get from people who come across our Unofficial Medium API. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to email me at "".

Does Medium have an API? Or, Is there an API for Medium?

Yes, Medium has their Official API on Github, but it is no longer maintained. It was primarily focused on publishing articles on Medium, programmatically, but you could not extract any significant data using it.

To overcome this limitation, I developed the Unofficial Medium API. Using this, you can fetch anything and everything from Medium.

Check out its documentation to learn more about its powerful features and capabilities. From fetching articles, authors, publications, and more, the Unofficial Medium API provides a complete and flexible solution for all your data extraction needs from Medium.

Whether you're a marketer, researcher, or developer, you can easily access the valuable insights and information stored on Medium with this API.

So why settle for the limited official API when you can have the full power of the Unofficial Medium API at your fingertips?

Upgrade your Medium data extraction today!

Is our Unofficial Medium API free?

Our Unofficial Medium API has a freemium model. We provide 150 free calls per month on our Basic plan. It'll give you plenty of room to try and test it for your particular solution.

But if your requirement is higher, we recommend you upgrade your plan - Pro, Ultra, or Mega - for more API calls.

💡 Check out our very generous pricing on RapidAPI. 🦑

For large-scale production use, email me at "". We can build custom endpoints for you to save bandwidth, and give you flat rates for unlimited usage.

How do I use this Unofficial Medium API?

To use Unofficial Medium API, go to our RapidAPI listing and subscribe it!

There you'll get your API Key to authenticate your calls. This will also keep track of your usage, so please remember to keep it a secret.

Once you're subscribed and have the API Key, you can start programming in your favorite language.

Bonus Tip: If you're a Python Developer, then you can use our Unofficial Medium API's SDK.

$ pip install medium-api

Go to our Github repository to get started!

How do I get data from the Unofficial Medium API?

To get data from our Unofficial Medium API, you'll have to make GET request to your desired endpoint, along with the API Key in the headers. Your header will look like this:

x-rapidapi-key: [YOUR_API_KEY]

In response, our server will quickly return a JSON object containing the related data points and attributes in the form of key-value pairs.

Base API URL -


To try and test all the endpoints, use RapidAPI's Playground. There, you can also get the code in your favorite programming language to call the API.

For an in-depth explanation of each endpoint, read our awesome documentation here on Medium: -

How do you find Medium Stats?

For obvious reasons, our Unofficial Medium API cannot fetch your private information, such as a number of reads on your articles, total reading time, your Medium earnings, etc....

However, it can fetch a number of claps, voters, and comments on your articles to estimate their popularity.

There are more than 15 data points that you can get from Article Info Endpoint alone. And you can gather pretty interesting insights from them.

For example; you can perform rigorous data analysis on any Medium user's profile by fetching all their articles.

What can you find by getting a bunch of articles?

Your options are just limited by your imagination!

Note: Further in this article, by "Medium Stats" we mean the data points that you can get from our API. Publicly available information.

Can you download Medium Stats?

From Medium, Not yet :(

From Unofficial Medium API, Absolutely yes! (Please read the answer above)

Since you're reading this, I'm assuming you've basic programming skills. If not, then don't worry ... email me at "" and describe exactly what you want to do.

Using our API, you can fetch all kinds of data from Medium and save/download it wherever you want. Like on your computer, database, or flat files, or cloud, etc ...

Personally, I like to download and save all my stats in CSV files that I can open in Excel or Spreadsheet later. These files can easily be consumed by data pipelines and data processing libraries like Pandas (in Python).

We can then plug these Pandas Dataframes into ML projects and perform analysis and visualization to hunt for insights.

Can people read Medium Articles for free? Or, Are Medium articles free? Or, How to get free Medium Articles?

It is no secret that people, who are not subscribed to Medium, can read members-only articles in the browser's incognito mode. In that sense, Medium articles are free and publicly available to all.

Using our API, you can fetch Medium Article's details, its textual content, and markdown for free programmatically.

⚠️ Disclaimer: It is not advisable to abuse this content-extraction functionality of our API to re-publish or distribute Medium Users' Work without their explicit permission. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement, plagiarism, or illegal activity performed by an API user. This functionality of this Unofficial Medium API is intended for personal usage and data analytics purposes only.

Please go through our Terms of Use before using Unofficial Medium API.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at "" and we would be happy to answer them all!