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curl https://medium2.p.rapidapi.com -H 'x-rapidapi-key: YOUR_KEY'


pip install medium-api

How to get your API key?

What can you extract with Medium API?

Categories and Endpoints


Is Medium API Free?

Medium API is free for 150 calls per month.

If your usage is more than that, please consider subscribing to a higher plan. Visit hub.mediumapi.com/pricing for more information.

Does Official Medium have an API?

Yes, Medium has its own API but, you cannot extract anything using it.

Currently, they only have Publishing API, which means, it only allows you to post articles and do some elementary stuff.

[Update]: Official Medium API is no longer maintained. Their GitHub repository has been archived on 2nd Mar 2023.

Supported languages and tools?

You can use ANY programming language or tool that supports GET method call and JSON parsing.

Python, Java, C/C++, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, R, C#, .NET, Go, Ruby on rails, Objective C, Kotlin, Swift, RapidQL, cURL, Wget, HTTPie, Postman, Swagger.io ...

How can I get my API Key?


  1. Sign up on RapidAPI Platform
  2. Subscribe to Medium-API
  3. Go to the API's Endpoints tab on the RapidAPI Hub listing and select the API key from the X-RapidAPI-Key dropdown under Header Parameters section.

For more details, see the following links:

Available SDKs

Currently, only Python SDK is available for Medium API. You can install it using:

pip install medium-api


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