How To List Hundreds of Niche Top Writers of Medium

Identify each and every influential writer in your domain using Python

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If you want to identify the best writers in any industry who wield most of the influence, then this is for you!

Today, we'll learn how to list Medium's Top Writers in any niche (and of the adjacent niches) using Python. For doing so, we'll use Unofficial Medium API's Python SDK which can installed using the following command:

pip install medium-api

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Now let's jump to the code -

Python Code for listing Top Writers in a Niche

  1. First of all, import all the required libraries.

2. Create a Medium Object using your API Key.

3. Set your niche_tag and fetch its top writers.

Here, we're using blockchain as our example niche tag.

4. Now get the related_tags (or the adjacent niches) and fetch their top writers as well.

For the tag blockchain, it's adjacent niche tags (or related_tags) would be cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, crypto, ico, technology, defi, nft, and fintech.

5. Remove the redundant Top writers and fetch their information. It is possible for a single author to become a top writer in multiple niches.

6. At last, prepare the records and save them in a CSV file.

💡 Here, we're just saving writer's Fullname, Username and UserID. You can save other user attributes too, such as the following -

Full Code -

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Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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